Slide About Us Solve is a full-service shop specializing in real estate development delivery. Offering an array of development solutions, we work with residential and multi-family developers across the nation to successfully deliver projects to the consumer. Slide Why We’re Different At Solve, we’re more than smart ideas and solutions; we deliver hands-on service and boots on the ground. Not only does our team know how to successfully market your development, we also know how to interpret intricate floorplans, walk project worksites, close compound transactions, and implement and manage your community’s HOA. Slide We’re Prepared for Nashville’s Growth We are experts when it comes to understanding Nashville’s booming real estate market. We’ve been in business in Nashville for more than 10 years and have partnered with several experienced REALTORS and local organizations to best understand the city’s trends and patterns. As Nashville continues to grow, we continue to evolve our services to best meet your needs. We look forward to partnering with you.

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Solve is a full-service shop specializing in real estate development delivery.  Offering an array of development solutions, we work with residential and multi-family developers across the nation to successfully deliver projects to the consumer.


We live in a fast-paced digital world that is constantly evolving. At Solve, we understand this ever-changing market and provide solutions to help you navigate and achieve your marketing goals. Our comprehensive marketing services include brand identity, e-mail marketing, print materials, logo design, sales content development, web design, and more.


With the rapid growth that’s happening in Nashville and beyond, there are more exciting development opportunities than ever before. Our offerings for developers include property management, community HOA management, legal services, and more.


Let our team help you attract and monitor incoming leads. Through our comprehensive monitoring system, we track the leads coming in, their contact information, and provide comprehensive, up-to-date analytical reporting to you. In addition, we employ our unique sales process to continue to engage and target leads to ensure a sale.


Keeping up with the moving parts of a big project can be daunting. Let us handle the paperwork and closing contracts for your developments. Our team can serve as the middle man between you, the buyer and their agent resulting in a smooth, cohesive transaction.


Once your development is ready for occupancy, our team is ready with boots on the ground. We can walk alongside the buyer during warranty walks and answer any questions and address any concerns they may have about the property.


We also offer brand management, advertising, sales management and more.


Solve offers contract coordination to Realtors® and real estate teams.
Solve’s goal in contract coordination is to empower Realtors® to connect with clients as much as possible by taking as much as we can off their plate throughout the transaction process.


Our contract-to close package includes all the usual contract coordination PLUS an online property dashboard with all pertinent information and digitized paperwork, an electronic closing binder containing all transaction documents for your client post-closing, and a set of just sold postcards marketing your recent sale.


Let us take the headache out of making your listing live. We prepare listing paperwork, perform a compliance check, send electronic documentation to you and your client, handle showing information, create listing marketing, and input listing information and disclosures into MLS.

"Amanda is great to work with! She is my absolutely favorite out of the 3 other contract-to-close agents I have tried in the past. She is attentive to your clients and is always quick to respond. She stays on top of all the contract dates and sends reminders and updates so you always know what is going on with your contracts and clients.
I couldn’t recommend her enough!"
– Danielle Helling

"Amanda and the Solve team are wonderful – I cannot say enough good things! Amanda reaches out to my clients the moment we have a bound contract on a property and stays in touch with them every step of the way. She is diligent, friendly and professional and definitely makes my job easier by ensuring a seamless road to closing."
– Caroline Dean



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